Aussie Burger Recipe!


A subscriber sent me this recipe for his KILLER version of the “Aussie Burger”. Great stuff! Thank you Luke!
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Here is the recipe, as sent to me by Luke:
1. Top bun – I use Brioche – but any will work fine!
2. Garlic Aioli sauce
3. Your best BBQ sauce – I use an Aussie Outback BBQ sauce
4. 2-3 BEETROOT slices. This is the Aussie twist! (more info below)
5. 1-2 Tomato slice(s)
6. Lettuce – I use Green Oak because that’s the easiest for me to get
7. 1 Short cut bacon rasher (not sure what you guys call it over there – British Bacon perhaps?)
8. 1 Slice of cheese – I have tried both cheddar and colby cheese, and both work well. Other cheeses should work too!
9. 1 Beef patty – I like to use Australian Angus (some of the best beef in the world!) – with the standard salt and pepper
10. Caramelised onions – I use a tiny bit of sugar to help the caramelisation – put a good amount of onions on there to cover the bottom bun, but not too many.
11. Bottom bun
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  1. As long as you have beetroot you're halfway there. The vigenariness of it helpos balance all the fat and sugar. But you also need a fried egg and grilled pineapple. And only BBQ sauce. No ketchup.

    Whoever sent you that order made the burger upside down..The classic take-away 'works' burger here goes: bottom bun, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, beef patty, onions, bacon, egg, pinapple, cheese and BBQ sauce on the underside of the top bun.

  2. you were doing so well until you missed the tomato sauce, mate!
    Oh, and good job not drinking the Fosters, no one drinks that here… it can actually be a little hard to find

  3. sorry but aussies burgers all over oz come with meat patties, cooked onion, bacon, egg, tomato, lettuce, cheese, beetroot and sauce. If it doesnt have egg and beetroot then its not an Aussie burger.

  4. Lovely burger but here is Australia we would also put a fried egg on top of the bacon, egg slightly runny. The sauce should go on top of the egg or beef and the beetroot on top of the tomato, lettuce last. Makes all the difference! That's what we call a burger with the lot. Ohhh it helps to put a little mayo on bun next to the lettuce!! Mmmmmm enjoy!

  5. Aussie's don't drink fosters anyways. It's like our joke on the beer drinking world. Also the burger is missing an extremely vital component… an egg.

  6. I spent several months in Australia. It doesn't surprise me that they would put beets on burgers. A great country and good people though.

  7. Greg born and bread in sydney australia – for one you built the burger up side down , back to front – and this is not a taditional aussie burger its more pub (bar) style burger – the traditonal aussie burger is a corner milk bar burger which is what every kid from the 70's 80's grew up with they are a dying burger here in oz but they are the real deal you always had two options a regular or one with the lot – if you can post a video of the real thing let me know ill happily give you the details 🙂


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