Beetroot burger recipe


This isn’t just any burger, this beetroot burger (or beet burger) is a vegetarian treat! Beetroot, chilli, halloumi, mushrooms and avocado with a mango chutney drizzle on top & it’s delicious!
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Full recipe / write up

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  1. My favourite burger is a bacon burger with vegetarian patty but (with real bacon). But it is awkward to recommend that to any one, because vegetarians thinks it is a bad joke and other's thinks it is good joke. I can only have it home, because every food place that serves both veggie burger and bacon burger separately refuses to serve this mix, because "it isn't on menu" and even they think it is a joke.

    So could you make a video about this burger, so more people would be aware that you can eat both vegetables and meat?

  2. I'm surprised that in the 1970's there wasn't such a thing as the Ronco 'Cress-O-Matic™' – Cress depilation at the flick of a switch. It beheads a whole punnet of cress (it doesn't work with mustard) in one fell swoop. Awesome.

  3. Barry – you know how you are with cheese or tea? well, with me, it's Beetroot. I have tried, very hard, over the years, to get a taste for it, but all it does is make me retch. Swede, Turnip, Liver, Kidney, Haggis, Scallops, Mussels, Rollmop Herrings – all of these over the years I've found I like. But Beetroot still has the power to make me gip, even when mixed in with other ingredients. So sorry, Barry, I'll watch this, and enjoy it, as I do all your videos – but make it? I'll give this one a swerve, chief. Sorry.

  4. omg dude you are literally making my back hurt just by watching bend down into the camera so many times…..PLEASE STOP, like whyyy are u doing that

  5. Well, if you like beetroot, how about a beetroot and dark chocolate cake. (needs to be dark chocolate, to counterbalance the earthy sweetness of the beet)

    It's not that different to zucchini cake or carrot cake, but wayyyy more delicious

  6. Hello Barry did you know that if you eat too much beetroot it can turn your urine Red..

  7. Question, my best friend's daughter is vegan, and even if she wasn't she wouldn't be able to do anything that has eggs or diary in it due to health issues. Do you have any recipes that I good provide her that are cheap but still taste good???


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