Best Recipes For Burgers


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It’s one of America’s favorite foods. A certain fast food restaurant has served billions. Why, it’s the cheeseburger, of course. Today on Recipe Wars we took on the growing trend of gourmet burgers, testing Bobby Flay’s spicy Green Chile Cheeseburger against Hubert Keller’s juicy beer burger. While these burgers are a bit more grownup than the average fast food patty, they were both so delicious that our chefs struggled to pick a winner in this recipe war.

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Hubert Keller –
Bobby Flay –

About Recipe Wars:
Each week on Recipe Wars, we our expert chefs recreate famous versions of a signature dish from around the world. Whether it’s Martha Stewart’s predictably upper-crust rendition of a Spanish Tortilla or Richard Simmons’ Cobb Salad, our chefs duke it out and declare one celebrity cook’s recipe the victor.

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  1. I like lightly seasoned hamburgers, I'm very sensitive to the taste of salt, half the time when I see burger recipes online they're drowned in salt.

  2. The fauxhawk guy reminds me of the meth dealer in my hometown…they could pass for twins….I like his recipes but I cant watch anymore cause it reminds me of that guy…that dude got my bf hooked on dope and caused us alot of problems….smh…

  3. the fauxhawk guy seems like like he was taught how to be cool and relate to the kids by the top executives at Nickelodeon

  4. the reason you dont season the inside of the burger is because the salt will make all the juice dissapear, and by putting the salt and pepper on the outside it'll create a crust full of flavor!

  5. I ♥♥♥ tht u guys do battles of celebrity chefs recipes!! I often want to make of their recipes myself, which I actually do….but this just helps with the decision making soo much better!! Thanks guys!!

  6. YUM LOOKS GOOD! I want that without salad etc, and the steak (meat) to be well done or alittlebit less… but almost well done

  7. You guys are doing great work – when people get into the kitchen and begin to cook for themselves, they take more ownership of their lives.


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