Bourbon Butter Bacon Burger Recipe! (Primo Round)


Premium ground beef patty topped with a bourbon, gorgonzola cheese compound butter and smoked bacon… What could be better than that? Let me know when you figure that one out… I can’t!
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  1. The bone marrow with the butter looks very familiar. You already did that once in another recipe. Another thing I wonder is whether you could even run the Joetisserie on that Primo round (it certainly looks like a fit at first sight). And did I already mention is that I loooove blue cheese?? Blue cheese is life!

  2. Nice touch on the marrow. So many folks are afraid of eating marrow. If you eat at any real restaurant, the stocks they use for de glaze, and sauces is basically roasted bone stock, just like you did, though they don`t split the bone like you did. I appreciate your method. Wish you would do a quick video, tasting the marrow.

  3. $1,338.00 is very affordable? That is insane. I love BBQ like the next guy, but I wont invest in a grill that is the same as a down payment for a car, a mortgage payment, or the cost of two classes at my university.

  4. Another outstanding burger Greg. When ribeye goes on sale I buy it to make hamburger. Definitely they way to go.

  5. OMG! Making this tomorrow! Why would someone give a thumbs down? Btw… I'm putting that butter on my next grilled ribeye!

  6. Awesome Greg! Your videos always make me hungry! Any chance you can do a video on home made buns? Keep up the awesome vids!

  7. Wow that burger looks fantastic, imma do that bourbon glaze on my next Ribeye and see if we can elevate that taste. Greg great videos love the burger series, I watch all that you put out. Looking forward to the next one.

  8. That burger is really good. I like that grill you're using. I need to make a feeble attempt at a burger


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