El Dorado Burger Recipe VELVEETA Treasure Chest Challenge!


My contribution to the VELVEETA Treasure Chest Challenge!
Other Treasure Chest Challenge videos & VELVEETA recipes: http://midga.me/1h79arQ
Flattop: http://www.cast-iron-grate.com/ballisticgriddle.html
My twist on the famous Jucy Lucy Burger!
Thank you VELVEETA for sponsoring this video!


  1. I do not like this and your other videos, for one glaring reason: I am not eating any of it. Looks delicious and it makes me even more hungry then I already am. Cheers right back at you brother.

  2. I dunno. If I'm going to go to the trouble and cost of firing up my grill, I'm cooking my burger over the fire, not on a flat top. I have a cast iron skillet that puts on a crust like that indoors.

  3. Anytime a "cheese" can be mailed unrefrigerated, I know it's not cheese and to avoid it. It is not a knock on you though and I understand I can just switch it with actual cheese.

  4. I'm sorry man, I love your videos, but when you cut this burger in half and revealed the guts…. Just f you,lol I was drooling for real onto my hospital gown. I know what I'm making when I get home. you kill it bro. EVERY time

  5. Looks amazing. I would have done just about everything the same. Another variation would be to make a relish out of the peppers, a play on jalapeño relish.


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