Gordon Teaches Chef His Best Burger Recipe – Kitchen Nightmares


Gordon shows the chefs at Lela’s how to make a truly fantastic burger. Walking them through it step by step. It’s so hard to find a decent burger in the local area, this should help the restaurant stand out, and possibly even pull them out of financial trouble. To make sure the public are hungry for the recipe, Gordon first heads out into the streets to do some taste tests.

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  1. Who say you can't put meatloaf on a burger? I mean there's chicken burger. He never said beef burger. See pay attention to details.

  2. "It is really funny too see all this comments on how Gordon make HIS burger wrong." Hahahaha so you're telling me that the ppl at the comments section are better Chefs…. they have 13 Michellin Stars or even more 😀 And they have a lot of TV Shows… If is like that… then they're correct….

  3. no no no a REAL american burger should have salt, pepper, an angry man, porky pines, fresh dildos{heavily used}, finely chopped toothpaste, a tub of lard, and the final ingredient, DEEZ NUTS, HA GOTEMMMM

  4. The key to a  great burger is a flat grill and some 80-20 ground beef. Season with salt and pepper and let the burger cook in its own grease. The rest is up to you.

  5. Just made this burger and it's bloody good! Sorry mate gonna have to bag this recipe it's just too good! Simple but very effective!!!!


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