Homemade Steak Burger Recipe! – Burger Recipe Flat Top Griddle – Camp Chef Flat Top Grill


I Hand Ground My Own Beef For These Steak Burgers, and Cooked them On My Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle. Hand Grinding the meat for these burgers definitely gave this Burger more of a Steak favor and texture.
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Ingredients I used for this Homemade Steak Burger:
* Chuck Roast
* Sesame Seed Buns
* Hatch Green Chile Peppers
* Bacon
* Sliced Red Onion
* Sliced Tomato
* Avocado for guacamole
* Monterey Jack Cheese
* Salt and Pepper (added off camera)

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Homemade Steak Burger Recipe


  1. That's the way to make a burger I'm not a fan of ground beef. I make my guacamole simple too dash of onion and garlic powder, salt and tsp lemon juice if you want it warm thro a couple chilies in it too.

  2. Oh heck yeah brother! Those hatch chilies are where it’s at and the hand cut burgers look fantastic. I’m north side, my centennial south side cousin! 🙂 Brilliant job as usual.

  3. Burgers look great! I have had the Camp Chef flattop griddle for just over a year and love it. Not sure if anything changed but they don’t recommend using the high setting on the griddle. I always stuck to medium and that was about the temp on high for a blackstone. They say it could warp it using high. My preseasoning is coming off on mine, so I’m going to wire wheel it off and do my own seasoning.

  4. Lyle, I've never seen "hand ground" beef before but it has to be better than supermarket ground beef. I love burgers made on griddles! They seem to retain more flavor. Your Centennial Burgers looked awesome! The Camp Chef did a great job!

  5. You could have slaughtered a whole steer with that knife! LLLL
    Killer Burger Lyle…….like the adding of the chilis.


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