HOW TO MAKE A RAMLY BURGER – Copycat Recipe – Greg’s Kitchen


Today l show you how to make Malaysia’s favourite hamburger, the Ramly burger! This is a very different type of burger that is not only super easy to throw together, it’s tasty as well! l hope you enjoy it 😀 Subscribe for more of the best International cuisine and recipes, here on Greg’s Kitchen.
What you will need is:
Ground beef, or chicken
Curry powder
Cheese slices
Bread roll
Worcestershire sauce
Tomato Ketchup
Salt and pepper

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Produced/Edited by Greg
Filmed by Bernice


  1. I made two ramly burgers with those store zinger patties and damn they taste really damn good like I can't even explain it, thanks for helping me make it Greg

  2. Thx for people that like to eat ramly burger…Im from malaysian…for me i love Burger Ayam Spesial=Special Chicken Burger….

  3. Now that's a " butter " cooking channel. And this burger tastes even…ehem… BUDDAH than any other burgers. Haha

  4. Greg, i begining to like your videos. Your sense of humour makes cooking very easy!. Keep it up cause i'am watching you!.

  5. Awesome recipe Greg. Just came across your channel and got to say I love it. Support coming right from Singapore. You got ourself a new SUBSCRIBER 😀


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