How to make McDonalds McVeggie Burger | Vegetable Burger recipe by madhurasrecipe


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  1. P.S. (or N.B.): I see some people criticized you for showing a recipe much like another cook… another cook who copied the McDonald's recipe. Very odd.
    Let's see, if you are both trying to copy the same McDonald's recipe, then wouldn't your recipes have to be the same?
    Just wondering.

  2. Thank you Madhura!! I have been looking for ideas on how to make vegetarian burgers. I'm American, vegetarian (not vegan), and over the years I've tried MANY of the different veggie burgers available here in markets but I found none of them to be delicious. I have not tried the McVeggie yet; I don't know if they make them here in California, but in any case I rarely visit McDonald's. But I appreciate you showing your emulation of the McVeggie.
    McDonald's and their McVeggie (is it also called McAloo Tikki?) must be popular in India because I see many other people on Youtube showing their emulations of how to make it.
    I also watched your video on a sort of Paneer "burger" and I want to try it as well. Keep up the good work!

  3. Atleast don't steal someone's receipe, they do a lot to create such receipe, If you are such a good at cooking make your own receipe…


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