In N Out Burger Double Double Animal Style Recipe


A really good clone recipe for the famous Double Double Animal Style Burger from In n Out.
Link to block I got the recipe from:
In N Out’s Secret Menu:
Craycort Grates:


  1. Sauce is off, too much mustard and portion sizes are off on the size of the meat patty's. YES, it DOES makes a difference. One of the secrets is the uniformity in the taste of each bite, based on the ingredients and portion sizes. Nice try though.

  2. In LA, the lines are long until about the last 15-30mins of being open. Hard to find low lines in the drive thru. In AZ, its another story. Its as though people have gotten over the pizzazz of InO, so you can find empty drive thrus at various times thru the day

  3. I made these last Saturday on my Weber Summit Charcoal using a Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Pan as a griddle. Wife said they were excellent. Trying one of your different burger recipes each weekend. Thanks for the videos.

  4. There really isn't any reason to salt the burger if you are using mustard since the mustard has plenty of salt


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