Juicy Lucy (or Jucy Lucy) Cheeseburger Recipe


Chef Tom cooks up his take on a modern classic, the Juicy Lucy.

Full recipes: http://thesauce.atbbq.com/videos-juicy-lucy-burger/

PS: The original spelling for this recipe is “Jucy Lucy” so that’s another way to spell it. Either spelling is fine… it’s just a burger after all. Thanks!


  1. Looks amazing, you cant beat a cheeseburger, best comfort food. I think american cheese is the best cheese for a burger or at least processed cheese because it melts so well in a way only processed cheese can. Food snobs say go for cheddar but its oily when melted and has a strong flavour.

  2. Ten Minutes on the first side??? That's the problem with Jucy Lucys, or any stuffed burger for that matter. In order to get the cheese to melt properly, you have to terribly overcook the beef, like you just did. Yes, I know, many people prefer overcooked beef, but I know better than that.


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