Mashed Potatoes Burger Recipe in Hindi by Indian Food Made Easy


Today’s video is about mashed potatoes burger recipe in hindi by indian food made easy. mash potato recipe we all have tried too many times, but this mashed potatoes burger gives it a totally different look and taste. this potato burger is very soft and tasty that you will definitely want to have more of it. potato recipes or potato snacks are always my first choice when i am looking to make snacks. my mom is really creative when it comes to cooking something out of nothing. this soft burger is all about managing soft mixture of mashed potatoes which my mom did like its very easy, it would had been a totally different story if i would have done it lol. when we are cooking for kids, aloo snacks are always best. kids like aloo recipes, and if you serve them this mashed potatoes burger they will be absolutely thrilled. i hope you will definitely try this aloo burger recipe. in my channel indian food made easy all my recipes are made with ingredients we can easily find in our kitchen or local shops. We love cooking and we make breakfast recipes, Indian snacks, recipes for kids, north Indian food, south Indian food, and pretty much all kind of Indian food. I love making Indian breakfast recipes using Indian spices and I hope you will find these recipes interesting too.


  1. I like this…. u always bring some thing new… which is ur creative …. I love this channel because u don't copy…… n try to bring something new always


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