McDonald’s McSpicy Paneer Burger Recipe | मेकडोनेल की तरह पनीर बरगर घर पर बनाए


Finally the awaited McSpicy Paneer Burger is out to soothe your taste buds and satiate your hunger! Anyone Can Cook With Me presents the McSpicy Paneer Burger from McDonald’s, now homemade! So what are you waiting for?


All purpose flour 4 tablespoon
Paprika 3 tablespoon
Peri Peri seasoning 1 tablespoon
Tabasco 4 drops
Corn starch 2 tablespoon
Corn meal 1 tablespoon
Cornitos 4 tablspoon crushed
Bread crumbs 2 tablespoon
Burger buns
Mayoniese 4 tablespoon
Red chilli Tamato ketchup 3 tablespoon
Salt as per taste
Paneer as per your requirement of paneer patties
Oil for frying
Orange food colour optional

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  1. i always find ki market mayo is too strong..whn i eat at mcdonalds or kfc wo strong taste bilkul nahi hota mayo me…also i have trie to mix mayo with cream to soothen its strong taste..but the smell remails..i still dont know how these ppl make non smelling soothing mayo in mcdonalds…i use funfoods mayo btw…r there ne better suggestions for a better mayo…?


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