I tried a recipe which claims to be the worlds best veggie burger recipe. I want it to be, but it’s just not. I have had some seriously amazing veggie burgers! But I can appreciate the simplicity of this vegan veggie burger recipe and how healthy it is! I love it! But my tastebuds know that this recipe is not the worlds best veggie burger. If you want to check out the recipe for yourself then head on over to

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  1. Also if you double cook your homemade fries they will be crisper,..I cook them about about 3 mins take them out and drain oil on paper towels or a brown paper bag bout 3-5 mins,,bring ur oil back up to temperature 350-375 and finish cooking the fries till golden color,..this way of double cooking them to me locks out any oil getting in them and their crispy, husband like them better this way also I use my Air fryer,..girl I love your videos,..take care hun,

  2. How do you stay so positive going through heartbreak? It almost looks unnatural that you’re not sad? 🙁

  3. Star, I just made my first veggie burgers a few nights ago. They were soooo good and flavorful.. I used black beans red onion avocado and sweet potato. I would like to try this recipe too and other vegan dishes! Thanks for the inspiration ❤️

  4. Star your skin always looks so flawless. What do you use recommend me some of your beauty products. Im not vegan but i enjoy watching your videos. I love veggies too. Keeps the videos coming. I hope your doing well. Love ya

  5. Just started watching her videos and when I realized she was vegan I was like "Ah, thats why she is still so fit."

  6. Have you heard of your husband yet iam sorry you are not with him anymore I know how you feel I thought y'all were good together iam sorry about that


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