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In the first episode of Burger Lab, Top Chef Richard Blais introduces the world to the amazing Smoking Gun burger. This is THE burger recipe for barbecue lovers! Subscribe for a brand new Blais burger every Monday:

Want to take your barbecue burger recipe to the next level? Tired of the same grilled beef burger patty stuck between a lackluster bun? Top Chef All-Stars Winner Richard Blais explains the process of making an amazing smoked burger. The burger recipe how-to explains the ins and outs of seasoning, grilling and garnishing this amazing burger! Chef Blais has a ton of helpful cooking tips and tricks you can use for your next backyard BBQ!

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Top Chef All-Stars winner, Richard Blais is taking over the interwebs to bring you the most insanely over-the-top awesome BURGER recipes you could ever imagine! As an owner and chef of the Flip Burger Boutique franchise, Blais is a hamburger legend. Get ready ’cause you’ll be grilling, griddling, basting, barbecuing, frying, melting, layering, saucing, and “bunning” your way to burger heaven in no time. Are you man enough to handle the juicy, gooey, goodness of a Burger Lab creation?

Richard is also the author of “Try This at Home: Recipes from My Head to Your Plate” Available here:


  1. if you want to know how cooked your burger is, pay attention to the juices that flow out. just like a chicken. if the juices are still red, it isnt fully cooked. but if you prefer rarer results, compare the amount/colour of blood that oozes out with the clearer coloured grease and make a judgement call. experience will eventually help you to cook it to perfection all the time.
    the redder it is, with less clear juice,the rarer it is. mmmmm!

  2. its raw in the middle, not rare yet. for big patties like this, sear the outside then oven cook. then return to the grill to finish off.

  3. That "smoking" at the end was bull shit. You can find that smoke machine in the damn halloween store. Also who the fucks got all these ingredients, that was a horrible video.


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