Texas Backyard BBQ Burger Recipe!


Think about everything you like about a good BBQ. Now… Put it on a burger!
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  1. Hey Greg, i must have missed this one, im about 5 mins away from doing the same burger. Though picked up a few little tips cheers man., Hope you are the family are doing good.:)

  2. Too much coleslaw (which is dripping all over the place in the end, not 'lightly dressed')…..U made so much onion rings and u only put 1 on, weird?? The burger looks nice/decent..The sauce is a little too runny. Bun is like an average 7/11 burger bun, nothing special. Don't get me started about the sliced factory cheddar…And the lettuce has no purpose beside the looks. I'd give it a 7/10 for trying…Nice grill, but you're not a chef that's obvious

  3. As a Texan, no one here wants pulled pork in general, much less on a burger. This is beef country. Slaw on top of any kind of sandwich is sacrilegious in the south, or for the Carolinas, and garlic bread is reserved for Italian food. Love your channel, but this one missed the mark.

  4. How about you try some exotic hot pepper sauces like with ghost chilis! Goes great with smoked brisket and Monterey Jack cheese! Even an Indian smoked chicken masala with ghost pepper jack!


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