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Chef Richard Blais takes on the signature burger of Minneapolis where the cheese is at the center of the burger! Subscribe for Blais Burger Mondays:

This recipe is featured in Richard’s book: “Try This at Home: Recipes from My Head to Your Plate.” Available here:

This week Richard takes on the signature burger of Minneapolis, the Juicy Lucy. A cheeseburger where the cheese is in the center of the burger! Watch as Richard walks you through this majestic burger recipe step by step. Top Chef Richard Blais shows you how to choose and grind your beef, season and form your patty, baste and cook it, layer your burger to maximize it’s flavor, and even the best way to toast your bun. This amazing burger recipe might be worthy of being the King of Burgers, combining a perfect mixture of juicy, savory goodness.

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Top Chef All-Stars winner, Richard Blais is taking over the interwebs to bring you the most insanely over-the-top awesome BURGER recipes you could ever imagine! As an owner and chef of the Flip Burger Boutique franchise, Blais is a hamburger legend. Get ready ’cause you’ll be grilling, griddling, basting, barbecuing, frying, melting, layering, saucing, and “bunning” your way to burger heaven in no time. Are you man enough to handle the juicy, gooey, goodness of a Burger Lab creation?

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  1. The Most Expensive cuts of meat, duck fat, meat grinder and Liquid Nitrogen…these are Juicy Lucys' for the Middle Class and those who like a medium rare burger without molten cheese

  2. Who are the jackasses saying this is undercooked? You obviously don't know much about cooking meat. This burger is hardly undercooked, if anything it is overcooked. There is very little red, it is almost cooked to medium. If you're scared of red meat then you shouldn't be eating red meat.


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