Gordon Ramsay and Burgers are among two of our favorite things! And if you’re anything like us then the same goes for you! So we made a top 10 list featuring the best burger moments Chef Ramsay has had. Gordon Ramsay has had numerous run-ins with burgers on all of his awesome TV shows. So we here at Babble Top have compiled a list of the Top 10 Gordon Ramsay Burger Moments! If you’re a fan of burgers AND Gordon Ramsay, boy, do we have a video for you! Here are some of his best burger moments, everything from his favorite recipes to his trademark secrets on what exactly goes into the perfect patty, and as always, we’ll take a trip down to kitchens from Hell. Before we jump into what’s sure to be a delicious video, don’t forget to hit subscribe and get on board with our notification squad.

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0:23 Gordon Ramsay’s Perfect Burger Tutorial
1:38 Another Perfect Burger Tutorial!
2:24 A Trip to Kitchen Nightmares
3:11 A Little More Kitchen Nightmares
3:51 Smoky BBQ Pork Sliders
4:48 Throwback to Hotel Hell
5:43 Gordon Ramsay’s Burger & Chips with Healthy Twist
6:48 What is a Bad Burger?
7:47 Buffalo Burgers from Scotland
8:36 Master Chef in the Kitchen
9:21 Ostrich Burgers!
10:25 A Unique Burger: The Sportsman’s Paradise Burger

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