Umami Copycat Burger Recipe!


Learn how to make this savory burger at home! Wake up that Fifth Flavor!
Umami Filled Seasoning and Sauce Recipes:
Primo’s Channel:
Recipe for Ketchup, cheese frico, onions and tomatoes can be found in this article published in The Men’s Journal:


  1. umami…tsunami…just give me a regular old fashioned medium rare bacon cheeseburger with pickles, onions, fresh
    tomatoes and catsup.

  2. Excellent all these new ways are giving me something to copy and use. I also came up with the melted cheese flat independent of this. Great work again Greg thanks and keep them coming!

  3. taking notes on this recipe to make it myself one day so as to NOT give Umami Burger any of my $$! never had their burger before, never will now after the Umami suit fiasco.

  4. Where did u get the stamp for your burger buns?? I'm from Japan and I wanna open a burger joint here and I really think u have great ideas for burger

  5. We had a lively discussion about taste in my anatomy class the other day. My instructor was tickled that I knew what umami was. He was even more amused when i told him I learned it from this video lol

  6. Hi Greg. I'm always astounded with all your recipes. Love your network.

    Quick question, has there been any burger that you tasted and at the end, you were like, "nah this doesn't taste anything like the original" XD just wondering, my friend. Cheers!!!

  7. Yesterday I made your burger and today I went to the umami and tried theirs, in all sincerity , yours were so much better and I wanted to thank you. Great job. Best wishes

  8. Wow, what an incredible creation Gregg, once again, I am going to attempt this at some point, I will now check the links for the other ingredients. PS I have seen a chef use ground dried shiitake mushrooms in his ground beef mixture, I tried it once too and it definitely adds to The Umami. Cheers mate!!


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