Why do Smash Burgers taste so goooodd!!! — BBQ Burger Recipe


I love to smash my burgers… but strangely we never made video about them. That all changes today! Here is my smash burger recipe for you!

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  1. That's my favorite burger. Thanks for the cool video Chef. I like using a cast iron griddle just as you did especially for burgers.

  2. A lot of people are going to complain about mixing the seasoning into the meat or the consistency of the meat. But the only rule of burgers is that there are no rules! Make them the way​ you like it.

  3. Instead of bashing on you, I'm just going to give advice. Never EVER mix anything into the meat, it dries it out faster and you get a very crumbly burger.

  4. In smashburgur you want a really lose texture. In this vid you are more making a meatball texture or meatloaf texture

  5. Cheers Roel, really like your videos. Valid attempt on a smashed burger too! About your videos I especially like that you tend to mix/cook sauces and spices freshly in every episodes, not relying on pre-bought rubs too much. I hope that's is not going to change!


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