10AM Profit Strategy – 2017’s Most Profitable Trading Strategy


The 10AM Profit Strategy, most profitable trading strategy for the Indian stock market. This strategy finds profitable to buy or short sell trades from just tracking the open of a scrip. It is a modified version of my Open High Low same strategy for Indian stock market. CLICK Here for more info: http://www.stockmaniacs.net/open-high-low-trading-strategy-indian-stock-market/

10 AM profit strategy needs a trader to track the open of a scrip. We will suggest you to follow the stocks under Nifty index. Simply find the stocks with open = low or stocks with open = high. Stocks with open = low are buying candidates for that trading day and stocks with open = low are short selling candidates for that day.

Once you find your list of stocks for that day and identify which stock to buy and which stock to short sell, after 5-10 minutes of open you can take the buy or sell trades. I named this strategy as 10AM Profit Strategy as most of the days you can book your profits by 10AM. So you don’t need to track the market for whole trading hours.

10AM profit strategy is by far the most profitable trading strategy for the Indian stock market and it has a high success rate of more than 80% accuracy.
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  1. Hi Sir,

    Please clarify my doubts.

    Scrip XYZ.
    Open rate = 100
    Low rate = 100
    HIGH rate = 105 (by 9.19AM and starts falling down)

    I am entering into market at 9.20AM. Considering this strategy, I will go for Long at market rate (say) LTP is 104.8, as it was matching with OL strategy.

    Now, what will happen?, as the scrip price already starts falling down, WIll it to go beyond 105 and will hit 0.3% profit or as the scrip starts falling down, I will be in loss zone.

    In this case, what will I do & this strategy will fail, right?


  2. Third class. Recipie for disaster. You might earn few pennies for 4 few days, but you will loose huge amount in single session. Avoid

  3. sir, this is the first time I am watching your video, you are good at explaining. I am very much excited to try your strategy. One more important thing I should appreciate in you is -your response for the queries asked by the people. thank you so much for sharing your strategy.

  4. How can u tell at opening that it is a high or low…. It's the open price… High and low you get to know after the price movement…


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