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  1. I have heard a lot of good things about trade ideas from reputable people. It is a shame you associate yourself with Warrior Trading that has been reported for sketchy marketing lies to sucker in new faces like the fake "act fast" live webinar that is pre-recorded to trick people to think it's live. You're hurting your product here. All my opinion of course.

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  4. i have yet to see 1 trading mentor who prepare his students better than Ross
    Scanner from trade ideas with his algorithims making your life 100 times better
    detailed strategies.
    TRADE ONLINE ON CHATROOM while you see his face and his screen!!!!!!!
    he doesnt just get in trades, he tell you WHEN and HOW much and you see him going in and out and for us new traders we follow his steps 100%. Yes im supposed to be self suffecient but for a guy who did 6 trades like me and made money in all 6 im happy to follow him in every trade. 100-200 every trade but it builds up. cant wait to have enough money to pay my parents mortgage and make them happy! it will be a sweeeet surprise.
    Ross GOD bless you brother

  5. When you put the order before 9:30 and about to click buy . Do you select Market or Limit. I didnt fully understand which one you said you choose and is best.


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