A Simple Day Trading Strategy/ORB


In this video we discuss a very simple day trading strategy for beginner traders. If you have any questions make sure to post them in the comments or contact us @tradingschool4U! To join the best trading school out there, visit http://MyTradingSchool.com


  1. thank you…this is JUST what I was looking for.I have found SOOOOOO MANY day break strategies..but no mid day or late day. This becomes a mid day or a late day if it breaks high or the low of the day during those times. and my same top twenty list that i traded at the open seems to be a great list to stocks going to settle down and usually seem to go one way or the other.

  2. Guys, I realize this is supposed to be OPEN range breakout but… please try this any time throughout the day… it seems to work whenever the hell you want it to?! just pick the last 30 minute candles and do the same thing, it seems to work throughout the day, yeah you need to tweak the stop loss and the sell point a little bit but with a little bit of managing it it seems to work any time of day. anyone got any thoughts/anything to add to this? curious to know if anyone else finds this interesting

  3. You mentioned this strategy for options. I'm thinking the option price wouldn't move much with a stop at 20 cents above the purchase price? This might not even cover the commissions?

  4. Does this strategy work with indices like the S&P 500 or Wall Street 30? And for itm contracts on Nadex With the closest expiry. Example, Market Opens at 930am. So at 10am the price breaks the guideline in the upward direction. Then I would place an itm contract and place a call trade on Nadex Exchange for a 9am to 11am Expiry? Great video buy the way. Keep up the great work.

  5. Very nice strategy indeed. It seems to work best and more safely with strong companies like Facebook or Apple. Your theory is to scalp $0.20/share or lose $0.10/share which is a great reward to risk ratio. BUT, investing $50,000 on Apple would get us 320 shares at which $0.20/share would be just $64, minus the commission would come up to barely $50 profit, then the 35% tax which would leave us with barely $33 net for an 80% win rate with a $50,000 investment. Please let me know if I'm wrong and if it makes sense, since most people dont have $50,000 to play with. (Working with $10,000 would put us in the red due to commissions fyi). Please advise. Thanks, and great vid!

  6. Nice strategy; you did an excellent job of explaining it with multiple examples with no marketing or up sell crap like most of those folks!!!!

  7. Nice simple strategy, I'm working it with some futures and it seems to have a good % rate.
    So far on paper is gaining an avaradge of 25 tiks @ $12.50/tck… NOT BAD!!! Thanks.


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