A Simple Day Trading Strategy/PRB


In this video we discuss a very simple day trading strategy for beginner traders. If you have any questions make sure to post them in the comments or contact us @ tannerstrading@gmail.com. Interested in learning how to swing trade stocks? Visit http://MyTradingSchool.com


  1. Great video!! I learned a lot from it but I have just 1 question. Would you say these 2 strategies, ORB and PRB are better than using moving averages? I see other traders put lines in their charts, usually 3 lines, something like a 9 day, 20 or 50 day and a 200 day moving average. Your way seems better to me. Less clutter on the screen and easier to read.

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  5. You mention finding a bias. How would you have established a bias on FB that day. It initially moved higher and stalled. Would you have been in the stock over the high of the previous day? Why did it stall that day? Was it at the upper range of a trend line?

  6. hi, I'm confused. when I compare the the previous day and the current day, do I assume that the current day starts in the morning or at mid-night? in the video u only looked at the bais at around 9:30. I'm using the Plus500 platform please help

  7. Again good information. Should I set a sell limit on the price target I want (e.g 10 or 20 cents from entry) or can I just move my stop loss up and in that way making sure of more profit when the stocks keep running.

  8. Could you apply this to a monthly time interval? For example, using the previous month's high and low price as the range.

  9. Do you trade particular sectors or just certain stocks with a large cap? Do you trade stocks under $10? I'm curious to know what your limits and choice of trading are.

  10. The only thing in the trader's favor is the entry, exit and escape rules. One cannot make a stock rise and moreover, continue to rise. In retrospect, one can be the greatest teacher when a favorable chart is displayed. This is the difference between a live session and teachy-teachy charts.

  11. What about after-market/pre-market? In other words…say you were ascertaining a one-day range for the day of my post, 6/27/16, as research for making a trade on the next day, 6/28/16.

    1) Does the range include just open/close 9:30 am EST – 4:00pm EST?

    2) OR…would it also include any after hours market activity? In other words…would it include any activity between 4:01pm 6/27 – 9:29am 6/28?

    As a point of reference, I am trading small on Robinhood so may only buy long.

    If the answer is #1, would a buy be immediately triggered if the stock opened (9:30am) above previous day's high? What if the open was significantly higher?

    I just noticed that there can be A LOT of movement after hours, and I just wanted some clarification on how that would affect this strategy.

    I realize I may not be following something correctly and I appreciate your input.


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