A Simple Stock Swing Trading Strategy That Works


https://www.djellala.net/ My simple swing trading strategy works in any market, because it is based on price. That means you dont have to look at
the company fundamentals. Moreover, it has nothing to do with indicators or moving averages. So they are not used at all.
We dont use volume in our trading. The main thing to consider is that, it is a simple and easy way to do business in swing trading.
We search by stock screener through some criteria at the end of the day and put a stop loss for protection. The next day we check
and then follow the stock into the uptrend if the stock goes up. If we are wrong we exit with a stop loss with little loss. There are
also a lot of things you should know regarding the psychological problems swing traders face. Moreover, swing traders should learn
how to manage their accounts.
What a swing trader needs is to practice to get these skills we teach like stock search and selection and mastery of risk by stop loss
and how to follow a stock trend. All these swing trading skills are important to succeed as a swing trader.

Thank you for watching.

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  1. DJELLALA- A candle's color is determined by that day's open price. Percent Change on a watch list tells you how an assest is doing from the previous day's close. You can have an single candle that is red, yet its closing price is higher than the previous day's closing price. The color of the volume bars are determined in relation to yesterday's close.

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  3. Djellala: Now I know why you have made many many videos is because of your excessive pleonasm. In essence, to sum it up: this video strategy is about basic support and resistance breaks.

  4. to diss_kuss121  there is no reply button to reply directly. first who tells you to stop your day job?  you want free things. there is no free lunch at the market.

    if you want to learn trading you need time and patience and more money. if you want free stuff watch my 850 videos they will give a general thing about swing trading my way.
    thanks and good luck

  5. so  i have a question on this because i want to start trading this summer but i am not eighteen and i want to know how i can still trade online without having to wait till i am eighteen


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