CandleStick Day Trading Strategies By Stephen Bigalow


CandleStick Day Trading Strategies By Stephen Bigalow


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  3. If it's so easy to distinguish  these simple rules, thank't to which one can be moderately or even firmly certain about future markets directions,  why so many investors fail and do not act the same, seeing the same ?

  4. Thank you very much Chatforex for posting this and thank you Stephen for putting all this in such a easily understandable way. Since watching this video a couple of times my trading has turned to around 70% win/loss. I'm now trading indexed cash CFD's Forex and  commodities and killing it 🙂

  5. Werry good video lesson. Im trading Binary options, and it realy helps me understand, the market better. YOU are the man. Altways remember. Angels are watching over god people..

  6. What do you use to do the setup scan using your formulas that you were talking about around the 32minute mark?


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