Day Trade Recap: He Who End Day Green, End Day Happy! +$5,150!


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Another great trading day! This month has been amazing with big day after big day after big day. Hopefully this momentum continues. $BLNK (Blink Charging) +$3,814.19, $VVPR (VivoPower International PLC) +$1,343.31, $L (Loews Corporation) -$7.00


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  1. Hey Ross, I'm signing up with Suretrader and was wondering what's the difference between NASDAQ total view and basic level 2 and should I get it?

  2. Ross, what is the best route for executing trades through sure trade? My stop /limit orders keep getting triggered but not filled. The default seems to be SMAT routing.

  3. Great work Ross! I lost 2k on two first trades on BLNK which were false breakouts and stopped day red… Still have some problems with false breakouts…

  4. Hi Ross, how did you know to enter your second trade, the one at 09:30:53? That isn't the first candle to make a new, its inside the first minute candle and I don't understand what is the entry point there. At 2,11, it seems like it was going down and I don't see an entry point there.
    Really appreciate your videos man! Keep the greens coming 🙂

  5. Hey Ross! I was just wondering about when you started? For example how much were you down before you started to profit and how long did it take you to become consistent ?

  6. Hey Ross, I've been meaning to ask you this question. What are your commissions? I have watched several videos of yours — which are great, BTW — but you get in, you add, you scale out, and you close out later. That appears to me to be a lot of commission costs. I trade thru TD Ameritrade, which is $6.95 per trade. I am left to wonder why you don't hold stocks like BLNK for a few hours. It ran up from the opening range, and with the scalping you said you did, would it not have been cheaper to just hold? I ask this because BLNK was seeing great volume movement today, and I placed my sell order with a reasonable confidence that it would fill due to its range. It proved me right, but I am nowhere near the trader you are. But if you had just held your original positions for a few hours, would you NOT be better off?

  7. Do you use stop limits or just regular sell limit orders to get out your trades? I ask because today I put a stop on a stock at 1.21 when it was at 1.23 ask 1.22 bid then it hit 1.21 bid didn't fill then 1.20 didn't fill then filled at 1.19 for a loss.

  8. Today was a red day for me. There's a saying, "Just because you failed, doesn't make you a failure." Tomorrow will be a better day!

  9. Hey guys I'm thinking about getting into a business where you fix chips in peoples windshields. You make 65 bucks per fix and it literally takes 15 min per chip. The best news its free to the customer because insurance pays for it. What do you think? I'm trying to find a way to bankroll some cash so I can trade. Anyone see value in this? If you saw a sign that said free windshield repair would you stop?

  10. The early false breakout on blnk made me cautious of this stock. Left it in the sideline and didn't catch the fast pop and halt.

    And due to the false breakout, didn't chase the resume..

  11. We have to be careful when we say "we" bounced back. The market bounced back and "we" got to take advantage of it. We always try and take what the market God gives us. 2 winning scalps on TSLA calls today. Sweet.


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