Day Trading Bitcoin Explained And Visualized


a video of myself day trading and showing how to make some extra money by buying low and selling high! how to buy bitcoin litecoin and ethereum

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  1. Hey -thanks for the helpful tutorials! I've subscribed and am a fan. I have a very noob like question to ask and was wondering if you might know the answer. So, let's say I buy a coin at several different price points, then go to sell a little bit of it sometime later.  How would you calculate your profit since you bought in at different amounts?

  2. Great video man, learning a lot from you, probably a stupid question but when you want to cash out and retrieve all your profit, is that as easy as it sounds or is there fees and complicated steps to take?
    Thanks man

  3. Great video man! I love it! We started trading few days before and your video is quite informative and good strategy 🙂 small profits but still. I like it. As someone said in another movie, do not get greedy as it can loose you

  4. Maybe I'm missing something… Please correct me if I am. But this seems like a lot of reactionary and emotionally motivated trading rather than predicting the market through TA. Isn't that how most people lose their shirt in trading?

  5. Nice. Just did my first 5 trades over 20ish minutes and made a little over 1% ($1.12 on $106 hahaha). Last sell missed out on a $200 skyrocket, but I was still profitable. This is pretty cool.

  6. this is all overwhelming so much info, i dont understand how to utilize it all. welp fuck it i guess ill play with the 400 $ i put in or just take it out and buy some pet rocks. jk i really need some help bro wtf do i do to start i have the concept just not the details of understanding it.

  7. unfortunately you didn't actually show us the buying or selling part, you skipped the most important bits of the trading experience which was showing us the action of putting the order to sell/buy. Any chance you can do a quick video showing us this activity. Thanks


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