Well heres a great example of what happens when you don’t trade your strategy, when you Day Trade against the trend and when you try to force a trade. Losing $2,000 Dollars this morning fighting the Trend on $VKTX and I deserve every bit of it. Theres no one to blame but myself for throwing everything out the window and trading BAD. Day Trading isn’t easy folks.


  1. One thing is for sure I wasn’t the only person trying to short $VKTX with a similar plan as you can see that squeeze was caused by shorts like me. Doesn’t make it any better but at least I wasn’t the only one lol

  2. I gotta give it to you, acknowledging your mistakes in front of the world. Not too many traders willing to do that on youtube. Even the best traders have off days when all the rules are thrown out the window. But you will bounce back, once you return to your rules, I am sure.

  3. You need to define your edge more clearly. If you're not sure if you should go short or long then there's no set up to take.

  4. I applaud you for not only showing your gains, but also your losses and mistakes so we can learn from them. You are one of the bravest day traders out there. Not only will you learn from your mistake here, but we will also (well, if we're not knuckleheads). Thanks for sharing Bro!

  5. learning from your mistakes! have you thought of taking time off to focus on your trading instead of making videos. Trade for your self not for the public. I don't know might help.

  6. Patrick just a quick tip. after the stock gaps up over 45% and it manages to bounce and make it to the highs and with that amount of big volume is a very bullish sing plus it didn't had any major resistance meaning no bagholders. hope u learn from your loses keep pushing forward!

  7. You need to read "Trading in the Zone" by Mark Douglass.. it'll change your trading psychology 100%. In fact, if it doesn't improve your trading, I'll give you $1000

  8. i shorted first 2min of day on vktx and covered in next 10min for a nice gain.. gap and crap my friend..first 20min is the opp


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