Day Trading CFD’s for 1,286$ in 1 hour – Meir Barak


Learn day trading strategies for US stocks. Follow a full-time proffessional trader. This is day trading live video — November 5 2012 covering a trading day of Meir Barak a Tradenet instructor ended up with a profit of $1,286. Watch all my videos at:


  1. Meir,why you keep time and sales window open while trading CFDs?As you say there is noone taking other side of the trade with CFDs..

  2. Wow executions are beautiful for CFDs However they seem harmful for the CFD providers. How are the prviders able to remain profitable?

  3. Hello! I'm really interested in trading CFD's and learning alot about them lately by reading and watching videos like yours. I was wondering if it's a good choice to step in of the world of trading as a student like me. And if so which platform to use. I see that your preference is Colmex. Thank you

  4. Im just now finding out about CFD trading, got all excited and then realized that people who live in the US cant CFD trade? Is this true? Thats ridiculous, are there any ways to get around that?

  5. What do you suggest for a US resident who wants to trade your strategy but cannot trade CFDs? Is there a broker that offers wide leverage for US residents?

  6. How is it you do not get a margin call?   There is a regulation that states you have to have initial margin requirement of 50% of purchase.  Does colmex not enforce this rule until the end of day and this is why you sell intraday or is this regulation only for U.S. residents?  I can't figure it out.

  7. I made alot of money just on trading gold of from SA so kinder know the situation. But why do you not trade commodities huge pay out

  8. Why does the American government restrict us from using this software or any software for that matter? What right do they have? Answer is none… Seriously pisses me off how much control they have over our lives. Free country my ass. This fascist police state needs to be destroyed, rebuilt and the constitution needs to be obeyed by government, as it's the ONLY thing that keeps them under our control.


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