Day Trading for Beginners – Profit Potential Using These Simple Strategies

149 founder John Paul conducted this webinar to outline the how to trade the rest of 2013, and what to expect moving forward. The Atlas Line software was demonstrated as well as what is covered during the advanced trader mentorship program:
The webinar was live and all courses can be accessed at :


  1. your trading futures in this video right. Do you have any videos on futures trading cause I heard you can trade futures with small account and make profit, I might be wrong though, I don't know about futures.

  2. Hi Sir, I have been reading and doing some research on day trading so decided to open a demo account about two weeks ago. I have been doing really well on the demo account without paying too much attention to detail. In your opinion would this reflect on a real account? Your comment is greatly appreciated.

  3. Thanks a lot for uploading this video.. as it's really helpful and and make so much sense to me. Thanks a lot & will look few more video for sure. Cheers! 🙂

  4. i know absolutely nothing about day trading but am very interested to learn. how should i go about this. by nothing i mean nothing at all. is there hope for my ignorance? 

  5. Yes, the atlas line is the dashed line, you can have it solid or dashed, or any color. I went with the pink dashed look.  you can use it on currencies, or any 24 hour market.  trading futures for beginners and more day trading strategies on the DTTW site

  6. In this video, come see what John Paul predicts for the rest of 2013.  By using the January Effect, he expects the price of the E-mini to head higher in this year's final months.  You'll learn how to take advantage of this price movement.  By positioning yourself to go long once price surpasses the previous high level, you may find reward.  This live webinar also shows off his Atlas Line software, which gives entry signals on select charting platforms.  If you know when to enter, you know when to buy in or sell in to the market.  Next, you hope your profit target is reached.  If it's not, your stop loss will get hit.  The profit target and stop loss is taught in the customer-only live training session.


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