People are always asking what my Day Trading Strategy is so today was the perfect day to really talk about it and explain my Strategy that I’m currently using and working on. Now theres 1000s of different ways to Day Trade but I’ve been having some good results lately trading these movers right out of the gate looking for the first pull back. Ill explain it more in the video…

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  1. Very choppy, weird price action today. My order didn't get filled before the halt on SGLB so I didn't make any trades today, but that's all right. Im surprised you didn't short OGEN on that 2nd or 3d test of HOD.

  2. Be careful. Sometimes the first pullback becomes the first dump. Then you're stuck with Ross's students trying to chase the exit.

  3. Really enjoyed this episode, more such as this one would be much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to show your thought process.

  4. Love the videos! I was looking to open a SureTrader account so I can trade without PDT(Currently using TOS). What is everything that is included with the $49 pro desktop? Do I get level 2 included with that? If not, how much would I be looking in total to pay monthly? Thanks! I appreciate any response given!

  5. Good play on $OGEN and keeping the risk tight. I wouldn't be surprised if $OGEN rips some more tomorrow, worth keeping on watch for continuation and a quick scalp to end the month on a green note! Thanks for taking the time to show your thought process. Cheers!

  6. I traded Ogen and Sglb. Two green trades for me. I bought the first dip on Ogen. That is a great setup on these runners

  7. Yo patrick why cant you short these big gappers? I use suretrader do I need to contact them to borrow shorts or?


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