Day Trading Strategies for Beginners


In this day trading strategies for beginners video you’re going to learn simple day trading strategies that work as well as some day trading secrets.

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Day Trading Strategies for Beginners

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  1. Awesome video!!!I am quite new to day trading I have a ThinkorSwim virtual account but I can not open a real account on TD Ameritrade in my country (Greece).Do you have any recomedations for a broker for non US citizens ???

  2. AWESOME!! Just went through the WHOLE video, learnt a lot, makes me believe I can actually make it. I will DEFINITELY be going through the rest of the material and also DEFINITELY donating. Thanks for the FREE course!!

  3. I called TD Ameritrade to get live data on my thinkorswim paper trading platform but they denied my request. So I have just been trading with two windows open. One is the live realtime data and the other is the paper trading window.


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