Day Trading Strategies


Learn How To Day Trade at where you can learn how to achieve financial freedom. The Day Trading Acadamy offers comprehensive and industry award winning education programs so you can learn how to day trading emini futures, forex, and currency markets as well.

You can also check out my website in order to learn how we day trade and travel around the world.


  1. JEJEJEJJEJE excelente oficina    ….solo una sugerencia, "subtitulos en español"  …si yo se que es mucho trabajo, pero se podria decir que solo tienen opotunidad de aprender los bilingues o los extrangeros.  seria bueno ser accesible con Colombia.   Buen dia.

  2. Cute David. We just bought an 8 bedroom penthouse for our traders in Colombia. One of the properties in Brazil will be our next one. Was visiting my mother for mother's day. Haven't lived with her since I was 17.

  3. Not enough profits to get your own place?
    You've been trading 10 years and live with your mom ???
    Is that your bedroom  ??? LOL !!!!!!!! 

  4. Why are people so damn bitter?! Instead of focusing on every word and less-than-spot-on use of a terminology, focus on the message. Everyone expects to just pay someone and magically start making money but you have to move your own behind and make things happen.

    This can be fuel for your burning desire if you let it.

  5. Hans – we teach everyone in our training program how to read the markets properly with our techniques. We have live classes and daily videos that we send out. Danke Shirn.

  6. This was embedded on the website Jdrower so there is a signup on the website. But you are right I think I will make another video with our emini day trading strategy

  7. Use a dictionary and learn the definition of "strategy". There sure weren't any strategies in this "video".

    "See you on the other side", the other side of what?


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