Day Trading Strategy MACD

190 This is our fifth video in our day trading strategies series making this the third video containing a day trading strategy. The first 2 videos was about how to best use these day trading videos. We highly recommend you to watch them so you understand how to best use these inspirational day trading videos. In this video we are explaining our very own MACD Star Step day trading strategy. You are show how to trade it with exact entry and exit. We also explain how you can add filters to your system to increase the odds of success.


  1. The idea of stair steps looks good.
    I would like to automate it and test on Forex.
    One question, do you have any objective criteria to measure a "stair step"? Maybe a spike which is higher than 3 or 5 neighbor bars is a stair?

  2. HI..
    I m new trader. i saw ur video it very usefull.but i have 1 question how can u r calculating the target level and also im a day trader is  not not showing any step clearly how to trade as a day trader.

  3. How many days has the MA line drawn in turquoise?  I understand you use it to measure the vertical gap between this line and the last high in order to determine your target?

  4. according to what did you draw those horizontal lines to project the targets?  those horizontal dashed lines don't make any sense to me.

  5. Hi, for some reason I'm not understanding this strategy. at 4:32, you are describing the entry point, the stair steps, etc., etc. However, I do not see any stair steps when you are entering, at least not the way it was described in the video, being the proceeding low does not decline under the previous high. I'm just a little confused by the entry point here.


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