Day Trading the EURUSD – Time Frames and Analyzing the Trend


Learn how to day trade on the 1-minute chart without looking at other time frames. The video shows how to plan ahead, when not to trade and how to use market tendencies to better plan entries, stop losses and targets.

I discuss a few entry techniques. These are covered in my Forex Strategies Guide:

I also mention that I “only trade the EURUSD”…I mean DAY TRADE. I SWING TRADE loads of different pairs. If you are more interested in swing trading, I have compiled a free video course: You also find loads of swing trading information in the guide mentioned above.

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In regards to the ZigZag indicator…it will not provide trade signals. Rather it simply gives you “contexts”. It lets you know how far the price is typically running before it sees a sizable pullback. It also lets you know how far the price is pulling back, as well as how many bars all these moves take.

No two moves are going to be exactly alike, but it gives you a frame of reference. I consider both the actual pip numbers and also think in percentage (areas). If the price moves up 6 pips and pulls back 3. That is a 50% retracement. You can use that information, if the price typically pulls back 50%, even if the price starts moving 20 or 30 pips at a time.

Plan ahead. Look at the tendencies/trend/velocity/magnitude and know which way you are going (long or short) and what your trade triggers are before the price even gets near your trade area. Also, know how far the price will typically run once you are in a trade, and be prepared for how long it could take for the price to reach that target. Some moves happen very quickly, while others take a long time to materialize. If it takes a while for the price to reach your target, it is very likely the market will try to scare you out of your trade. Be aware of these tendencies and stick to your plan.


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