Day Trading versus Swing Trading in Forex


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Day Trading versus Swing Trading in Forex. Zoe Fiddes, Head of Sales at comments. One of the most common trading strategies is swing trading where you hold a position for a set time based on where you expect the market to move over this timeframe. With trend trading you have to consider how much the market could potentially move against you before turning your way. It could be a good idea to protect your profits as time goes on and you can do this by adjusting your stop loss. Some people like to trade on smaller timeframes which can be difficult and pretty exhausting.


  1. Great video!

    Swing trading gives you freedom. It is like passive income business. Higher timeframe analysis has more weight and patterns are more reliable. Swing trading is less stressful and not so costy as day trading. If you have a job and family just stick with end of the day trading and you will be fine guys 🙂

    Best Regards,

    Marjan Rijavec
    Forex Swing Traders


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