Day trading with NO False / Noise signals ( Best Day trading strategy ) Learn Now


Day trading

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This is the simple and best method to avoid fasle signals in daytrading and make profit.

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  1. sir i use sherkhan . i have Heiken Ashi candels but not pivot point indicator. so how i use this strategy?????

  2. Sir, I am using Sharekhan which uses Trade Tiger for online trading. But it does not have Heiken Ashi which you have used here to avoid false signal. What do i do in Trade Tiger????

  3. hello sir, really awesome video.
    by the way can u please tell me what is the best website where we can track intraday chart

  4. after first sell call.. same day there seems buy candle and also the volume is higher than previous candle.

  5. Hi Sir,
    I came to know about your channel. I watched some of your videos and I really loved those videos. You are doing a great work. I really appreciate.
    But I have a question Sir. How can I put a volume average line indicator on my chart ? I can't find it anywhere​. I am using "volume underlay" indicator. But how will I know if any volume is above or below the average volume ?
    Please, answer Sir.

    I trade on Android phone using Zerodha's Kite app.

  6. Super sir.. Thanks for the video. I learnt a new thing today from this video. I have one question. Can we use this for 15 min chart also for intraday trading?..

  7. sir aap ne mere maan ki bat jaan li sir muje is mein khush janna tha aur aap ne iske baare mein video uplod kiya tank u so much sir .. Bhagvan aap ko sada khush Rakhe God Bels You Sir


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