Entry is KEY when your DayTrading. It can make or break your trade before you even go into it. Having multiple entry strategies will allow you to be more versatile and agile. Knowing how to read a Stock chart and see possibilities instantly! The more you learn about Day Trading and the StockMarket the more consistently you will profit! The First 5 Minute candle to make a new high is a great entry on stocks with a strong uptrend.

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  1. Sometimes stocks don't make a new high, they shoot up after market open, shoot down and just move sideways or even fade slowly til market close.

  2. Great vid1! If I've had known about this I wouldve use it on todays entry on $mbrx. Still learning. Gotta worker smarter and harder… 🙂

  3. I would have entered after it double bottomed around 13.95 above all indicators confirming the uptrend. XBIT was definitely the big winner for me today though and EPZM yesterday despite all the volume getting sucked out by DCTH lol

  4. kinda funny how everybody is a general after the battle…lol..its easy to analyze stocks that made a move and everybody can say: oh, you would have been safe if you bought here and there. 🙂 would have, could have, should have…
    with stocks, at any given moment your chance of the stock going up or down is 50/50….that's a mathematical certainty no matter what the pattern is.
    Its more about money management and that's the key to success!
    that AMD stock could have turned down at any given moment with the same identical chart, same volume, same everything…you can't predict future buyers and sellers based on chart showing micro movements of the recent past.
    There is no SAFE entry into a stock…your statement is misleading….if there were safe entry points, everybody would be making money..:-)
    Good luck with your trading though.

  5. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, tend to want to begin with swing trading, less hectic for beginning. I've been looking at $2-$7 stocks setting up an entry point as in "wait until it drops to …., then buy" considering past support, decent trend upwards somewhere in past weeks that shows it likely will again… starting with Robinhood and $1K. Some Stocks on my watch list have moved up 5% so that is encouraging!


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