Forex Day trading Strategy which works | Less Risk High Return


A forex Trading Strategy that will give you good profits. This is a setup that I shared on my facebook page few months ago and it gave me more than 500 pips of profit. The reason Why I am sharing this video here is that I want to help you forex traders to make money from forex trading. This is a trading setup but if you apply these settings and this trading strategy onto any trading chart you will get good results. I have uploaded other videos and I receive messages from a lot of traders that those strategies are working the best for them too. It is a strategy that has a very low stop loss compared to the profit it gives. Traders the basic strategy that I applied here is a trend line along with three drives pattern and some fibonacci retracement and extension tools. I also used Rsi indicator for confirmation of my entries. Thank you so much friends for appreciating my previous work that I have done for you and I hope this video too will help you make money from forex trading. I hope you will like this video. Please don’t forget to subscribe my channel becuase I am bringing you the stuff that no body shares. I will upload more and more videos from now onwards so subscribe now.

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