Forex Trading Strategy – Day Trading Confirmation Entry


Learn to trade forex using our price based day trading strategy. This forex trading strategy is simple to learn, and easy to replicate. Enjoy! – Bank Trading Strategies


  1. No explanation is given. Why should we wait for the third candle to pull back? What's the reasoning? Don't just follow blindly some elaborate setup with no explanation.

  2. The easiest way to find the past videos is click on our channel and look back for the past videos your looking for. You can also visit our website that contains most of the training information.


  3. Thanks for sharing, this is a great video, I am new to trading and this strategy is so simple and helps me get clear on certain ares of my trading. Thanks again

  4. Hey Eric,

    Check out this video. It is the first part in a 3 part series. The confirmation entry is just the last part of the strategy essentially. The key is understanding market cycle which gives us direction, then second we must pick high probability manipulation points. The third point is the entry and how to enter and that is where the confirmation entry comes into play. The other video series covers it all. Hope it helps!


  5. Buy at support. Sell at resistance. Unless it is a breakout or breakdown. Go with the trend. That is the basics of trading. Good video. Question: You did not say what minute you are using on the candles? 5min? 10min?

  6. That seems pretty clear and simple. I can see why people appreciate using this method and how this will get good results.

  7. In 2 days I've watched 2 videos- this one and the older one about Trading Breakouts. I spent 20K and spent 2.5 years with an apprentice trader company and never learned either of these techniques. Thanks Chad and Sterling!

  8. they do actually, there are tons of vid tuts about FX trading, and lot of webinars, well this strategy is actually really simple, he's just marking a pullback with candles, if you go to lower timeframes you will se a simple pullback, but this is really good, I'm actually using this teknic ( thaks I learned it from this vid ) but I don't use it when it hits just support or fesistance, I look for a touch of the trend line first, and using this teknic as my entry signal. thx DayTradingForexLive 😀

  9. Real nice video – well done and thanks for the insight…Good confirmation that there will be a potential move and you will be part of it!

  10. I am a struggling trader and a beginner… not many people teach us the beginner about the confirmation price… yes I know, the price will never be confirm but at least your video give me some ideas on how to look a price confirmation. Thank you!


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