GAP and RUN – Very Powerful Intraday Trading Strategy


Gapup and Gap down trading strategies are very popular all over the trading world due to their simplicity. They normally dont require any complex indicators for entering into the trade. Here in this video I will explain how to trade stocks when they open with a huge gapup or gapdown.

For more information of gapup and gap down trading strategies you can follow the links given below or you can comment down.

Intraday trading strategy when stock opens at a gap up or gap down. This video explains how to trade when stock opens with a huge gap up or gap down.

learn gap up and gap down stocks trading strategy.
This is a very powerful intraday trading strategy and works very good if applied with good discipline.

For getting into better trades and entering into more profitable trades traders are advised to use further filters before entering into the trade.

link 1: https://www.squareoff. in/single-post/2017/04/05/Gap-Trading-Strategy

link 2: https://tradingsim .com/blog/day-trading-morning-gaps/

link 3: warriortrading. com

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Desclaimer: All trading activities and trading strategies carry substantial risk. This video is for purely educational purpose, the author is not responsible for your losses.


  1. Hi there, the thin line above and below the candle indicates the price rejections right, then how will you count that as profit?

  2. why today bank sector show huge growth ??? almost 20% – 25% increase in few hours ??? Andrabank, PNB, IDBI, Syndibank,, AlhabadBank, Bank of India ???

  3. Good strategy mate the Gap and Run is simple and once the trade is active profits (exit) is fast as well. I have some Q's though i) under what scenarios will the pattern reverse once we have taken the trade before it gets to our profit target ii) should we track where the market (nifty) is heading as well. iii) i take fairly large positions' should I go for a highly liquid counters. Thanks!!


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