1. How can you day trade with only $1K, the requirement to qualify as a day trader in equities is $25K in the U.S. With $1K you can only take 3 trades a week I believe. Are you using some broker that is based outside of USA??…if so, which one so I can open an account as well.

  2. maybe i'm missing something but how is he avoiding the pattern day trade law with a small account? he should be restricted to only doing 3 trades per week right?

  3. Ross @ 16:50 in this vid on the bottom of the screen there is a chart of LEU could be a daily chart but it shows a bull flag. considering you ONLY day trade for those of us under PDT would a daily bull flag be something to consider for swing trades? or are bull flags only intraday continuation patterns?????? Thanks Ross for any feed back

  4. After being takin by 4 yes FOUR other trading courses well i'm f'ing broke other than whats in my brokerage. I wish I could ''finance'' a Warrior trader course…. I believe in this guy sooooooo much it hurts and its only because the videos hes made public via YouTube or webinars. With the knowledge I have as of now I can absolutely tell hes 100% legit. DAM THE OTHER SCAMS!!!!!! One day Ross one day. I dont know when but one day..

  5. Why sell a course when you make so much money trading? Honest question, not calling you a scammer or anything. Just an honest question.

  6. The thing that's disgusting about the market is what's happening now. Stocks are skittish and many are down this week. Why? Because Wall St. is mad because Trump might not get their tax (cut) bill through. Wall St. might not get its huge tax cut. So nothing has changed … nothing … but because they might not get something they didn't have in the first place … they sell and hurt everyone and their retirements. Pathetic. That is what sucks about Wall St.

  7. This is a great way to go from $1000 to zero, just like Vegas. Then try it again, because surely you will do better next time. Damn, busted flat again. Keep racking up that credit card, 1,000 bucks at a time. Lucks got to change sometime. Damn busted out again. Most of you watching this are here for a quick easy buck, have absolutely no financial education regarding actually investing money, and the only thing you will wind up doing is losing your shirt.

  8. Was it the margin that you used on suretrader the reason the commissions were so expensive? I just opened up an account with them and the commissions I saw on your statement concerns me.


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