How To Day Trade For Beginners – My 99% Profitable Trading Strategy LIVE DEMONSTRATION


Trading with degiro : Thank you guys for the support, Today I’m treating you guys to a live trading day where I show you how to day trade stocks for beginners, AND WHAT TO DO BEFORE MARKET OPEN. and also my profitable strategy and we come out profitable at the end.

How To Day Trade For Beginners

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  1. hello Zaid that was aewsome trading on delta. I would like to learn more on how to do that type of trading . looking forward of more videos thank you again

  2. Zaid, I am a beginner! I love the way you explain trading! You make it seem so easy! I hope you have more training videos….. I eventually would like to quit my day job!…

  3. Love your videos man.. they're very informative can you have more day trading videos and also a video showing how you break down a financial statement
    Thanks again

  4. good content, love your chanel! keep it goin` , i have a question, can you tell me from where i can learn about trading? i mean the basics, a good place from where i can learn , thanks a lot

  5. Please do not stop making these videos, I just started watching them and understand them perfectly,,,I just started trading 3 months ago, I really don't even know what I'm doing and my total investment in 3 months is like 85%,,I actually have that same Christmas day feeling when the market opens,,,,I really love the below a penny stocks like POTN I bought at .089 and went over .92 on Fri where I took some profit, then it pulled back to .85,,,These stocks I can buy thousands of shares,,even the ones like .0006 per share I like,,,,would love videos in that price range,,,,if u stopped these videos, I would be willing to pay you a %,,,,on all winning trades I make,,just email me @ thanks again for the pharmaceutical penny stocks, I will be keeping an eye on between my uber rides.I am an uber driver and can use all the help I can get.

  6. Should be named Conor McGregor trading… just kidding, i love the straight to the point format you present. Just a quick Q.. do you do these quick trades on Degiro too?


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