How to Turn $500 Into $520,367: Investing Strategies I Taught a 16 Year-Old


In this video you’ll learn how you can turn $500 into over $500,000.

What’s the single best investing advice I have to offer? Easy answer.

You just have to START somewhere. But more on that in a minute….

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Okay, back to the story…

There’s not many things that excite me more (with the exception of In-N-Out Burgers 🍔) than seeing a young investor get started for the first time.

The fact that this investor was the ripe age of 16 makes it that much more exciting.

Now you might also be thinking, “I’m not 16 years old, Jeff. I’m about 10 years from retirement.” I feel you.

Instead of giving up, there’s so much you can do to better your finances.

I encourage you to invest something – what you reasonably can – toward a better future. Who knows, maybe later today you’ll meet your future self thanking you for being smart and investing more for the future.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this new video:

▶︎ What the motivation of a 16 year old can teach us about making money.

▶︎ How I use a database of almost 30,000 different mutual funds that exist to show how easy it is to get started investing by buying mutual funds.

▶︎ How compound interest makes the magic of investing really happen.

▶︎ How the changes in the stock market really don’t impact whether you should or shouldn’t invest.

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  1. Hey Jeff, I'm 16 and earning a decent bit of disposable income through fixing computers and phones for locals – I have around $500 right now. I live in Ireland and most of the brokers in Europe require for you to be 18 – how can I get into trading?

  2. what happens when its 2008 and the stock market crashes and you lose all your money? im trying to buy bitcoin now since its about to blow up again but i cant link my account at the moment, only thing holding me back but that's the only way to grow 500 to a million, bitcoin will jump 1 more time. trump will endorse it or something and boom it's super popular again. someone invest my money and ill give you a commission

  3. I like the video, I have a young nephew I'd like to show it to, however there is one reference of Molly, which is a drug as far as I know. Do you have, or can you recommend a video to perhaps pique the interest of a 13 or 14-year-old young man, to get them thinking about investing and things like this?

  4. Not to shabby but still 45 years to generate half a million when i know ways to make that in a year or less just with a little more risk and skills required.

  5. If you taught him how to invest $500 at 16 and by the time he became 60 when he made 520k then how old are you?

  6. How did he invest in mutual funds with $500? All of the mutual funds I see require minimum investments of at least $1000 – and I don't think shares of them can be bought like with stocks right?

  7. Terrible advice! Time is more important than money! Think about how much time you are working to make money and how much time it takes to get to 1 million dollars not oh im getting 1500 dollars an hour ill get there quick while youre working 1 hour per day! People always think oh yes im getting 15 dollars an hour i can make it but they give them 35 hours a week while a person making 13 dollars and hour is making the same as you!
    Yes working for someone is not smart because youre working to make them rich! Only children starting off in life should do that to learn values in life and how to work and anyone that lost all their money in the lottery!… you can do it!- rob Schneider

  8. Makes no sense.. If you was the person to teach this 16 year old how to do so, and he's 61 years old now.. You must have been older than he was at the time, and you're not anywhere the 60ies…


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