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Hi, I’m Pat Mitchell and welcome to TrickTrades…my stock market and day trading channel. Whether you’re a day trading beginner or a seasoned stock market veteran you have finally discovered THE place to take your trading to a whole new level.

If you want to capture monster moves each and every day…Points…not Pennies…then join TrickTrades today!

Here you will get real, transparent lessons on how to become successful and consistent trading the stock market playing proper stocks.

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If you’ve never traded before and are thinking about a new career path, or you’ve been in the game for a while and are looking to finally take your day trading to the next level then you’ve finally found the best educational channel teaching you how to become profitable and consistent.

We don’t mess around with sub penny stock garbage or cryptocurrencies. And a reason why 90% of traders fail is because they’ve been lied to about how “easy” it is to make money day trading or jumping in on the latest fad.

At TrickTrades we expose the hypocrisy of day trading by teaching you PROVEN and SUSTAINABLE day trading strategies with simple quality set ups and golden watchlists.

We are technically based and psychology driven. Just watching one of our videos you will soon see the difference immediately compared to all the other “gurus” out there that don’t give a damn about you or your success.

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Check out some of my other popular videos in the links below that have turned around my student’s trading around instantly. These videos are pure gold and once you watch them you’ll see why TrickTrades is different than anything else out there. The information you receive from me can’t be found anywhere else and it’s almost guaranteed to change your trading around.

🔥 The top reasons why most traders fail and how you can avoid becoming just another statistic…

🔥 How to use the SPY and QQQ to make easy and huge bank (nobody else teaches this)…

🔥 How to use trend lines like a Pro Day Trader…

🔥 How to do proper nightly scans to create an actionable and profitable watchlist (simple, quick, and free)…

You are on a journey. We actually care about your progress and that’s why we spend all day live…in chat…and on screenshare…with you from pre-market through the opening bell…on through the entire day while the stock market is open.

TrickTrades is dedicated to guide you down your path of freedom with our proven, high quality strategies and stock set ups.

We will show you how to have consistent success with opening range break-outs, opening range break-downs, how to play gap ups and gap downs, rejection of pre-market highs, how to read a daily chart, plus so much more!

We cover everything that stock traders wished they knew. Strategies that are found nowhere else but right here!

So if you want to “Hammer Points…Not Pennies” and create your own freedom…there’s no better place to be than right here, right now.

Come see why we’re so different.

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  1. I played the flavor of the day warrior style trading in the beginning and lost my shirt. I now play mid and large cap that flow with the SPY and QQQ and have been very consistent. I went full manic Friday and lost my gains. I'm still above PDT but feel awful that I let my emotions wipe out my gains and confidence. I ran across a few of your videos since yesterday that hit home. Especially the consistency one you made a few months ago. I will get back on track with small share and consistency. I look forward to joining your room as soon as I can recoup a bit to afford too. It's worth it, I can tell. Keep up the good work. This won't be the last time you hear from me. Cheers brother.

  2. Pat you forgot to mention that if you are disciplined enough to make it to 6k you can sign up to the funded account and get away from the PDT rule + have enough capital to really advance your gains. played NVDA today following the SPY and QQQ all you say is legit and I'm glad I found your chat room, in fact just the free information you provide on youtube was a game changer for me thanks again man.

  3. Wonderful priceless free you see the importance of utilizing vwap, candle sentiment, spy,qqq, with their respective instruments and let’s not forget the power of the 200 SMA…these videos are proper and definitely hold water…keep up the good work…thanks again


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