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This video talks about opening hour intra-day trading strategy.

Nifty Sparks —

Buy / Long Formula =IF(B2=D2,1,””)

Sell / Short Formula =IF(B2=C2,1,””)


  1. supposingly after seeing a positive 45 at 10:30
    you place a buy order
    but that positive line might
    not continue after 10:30
    and what if your nifty at the same time goes down at around 11 this concept might just not work

  2. Hello sir, very nice strategy I loved it but have one question, as you mentioned we need to download CSV file of stocks , I want to know exactly at what time we should download CSV file from NSE india website?

  3. hi i have a question..what if i bought 10000 shares of 500rs share….will it change the market??
    by buying a 10000 shares will i make a great supply and make the stock to go down??

  4. Mr.Mani, what is the opening hour strategy for commodities? Is it one hour or more in the opening? Thanks for the expected guidance.

  5. mani ji pls tell some of the zerodha brokers are telling that delevery is brokrage free while for intraday they charge rs 20 per transaction. pls confirm

  6. Dear Mr.Mani, I would like to know if i start trade on 9.30 am as you said when i can stop trading even i fix my target not reached.

  7. Hi Manik,thank you for sharing your strategy…kindly let me know how to get 2 min chart in google finanace….I can see only day chart

  8. Hi..Mani after download .csv file once we put formula in file, I can not save .csv file with formula give me solution if possible

  9. Hello sir,good Evening
    This method is a very old method that many people are trading in this. But what I have observed is that many stocks which are either open low same or open high same will fails if its prev close is too far away from the opening value.Say for ex if the stock has closed at yesterday at say Rs.639/- but today if it opens with a gap down say 620 with both open low same then it will go up until its price goes up to 625 or 626 from there it builds up the short & goes down by breaking 620 value.

    To avoid this accident , i have found that after the end of market hourssay after 17 hours find out list(15 nos) of highest gainers & highest losers .tomorrow from this list find out open low same from losers & openhigh from gainers list. these stocks will never ever will fail.they perform exactly the way mr. manikantan has explained in this u-tube.
    Thank you manikantan

  10. Don't expect any technical knowledge from Mr.Mani, he wont teach any thing new. simply he puts his buy /sell orders (that too later time,not in the live). I have opened an account with his reference, there is no knowledge share in watsapp group.


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