Intraday Trading Profit of RS 16,550 Almost 93 percent in one Day Trading Strategy


Learn How to Make Profitable Trading in NSE futures and Options, Equity Stocks.

Learn Simple strategies to earn decent profits with less very risk.

This is the first video of trading tutorials series, I will be posting more videos on how to make profitable trading with best risk reward ratio in this channel.

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  1. bc all your Trade's are of futures contract..its impossible to get such hugh profit with the amount you're trading with…fake marr raha chutiya bana raha hai..

  2. The point is repeatability, trying to achieve 93% again and again would expose to an extreme amount of risk. You can gain more than 93% on expiry day's of a contract (FNO) but those trades are gambles mostly.

  3. Hi
    While placing BO, if we keep SL Re.0.2(20 paise)per Rs.100, SL is hitting before the order gets executed due to volatility.
    I am incurring more such SL losses in futures trading. If we keep Re. 0.5 – 0.75 (per Rs100) as SL for taking entry,
    and after entry if we modify the SL according to the price movement, will that be OK.


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