Intraday Trading Strategy – Bollinger Bands and Stochastic RSI (HINDI)


Intraday Trading Strategy is very difficult to prepare as it takes a lot of time and effort to create Intraday Trading Strategy. In this video, i have shared my new Intraday Trading Strategy by using Bollinger Bands and Stochastic RSI. During my testing, I observed that it was 90% successful.

One of the best things about this new strategy is that it helped me to separate fake breakouts. The Bollinger Bands i.e. Upper Band, Middle Band, and Lower Band helped me to find out the support and resistance level.

Under this strategy, you need to find out the trend of the stock with the help of a Bollinger Band. After that, you can check whether any of the band of the band is acting as a support or resistance for the stock. Finally, Stochastic RSI will help to take buy or sell decision.

A buy signal is generated when any of the band is acting as Support and the fast & slow line of Stochastic RSI cross 20 level. A sell signal is generated if any of the band is acting as resistance and the fast & slow line of Stochastic RSI cross 80 level.

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  2. sir 6th march ki watchlist me yes bank ke first candle ka fake breakout isne nahi indicate kiya….iske baare me kya kehne chahte hain aap??

  3. It will be grate if you sort Stocks Watchlist in descending order on you web page. Every time when I click on Stocks Watchlist I need to scroll down to see the current days stock watch list. If you place in descending order then the latest watch list will come on top side & it will save our time too. Thanks.

  4. One simple querry , if compared to Vortex Indicator & Stochastic RSI , which as per you will be the first to give signal .

    Can you plz. suggest

  5. Sir if a strategy stops working after some time then how do we backtest because that strategy may not be working in the past too..hope my doubt is clear

  6. Sir as usual bhaout khoob and thanks a lot but bolinger bands ka Puri Tara kese use karte wo clear nahi hua sir

  7. Hearty congratulations for reaching 200K milestone sir…
    and i got good profits in Manapuram and Adaniports sir
    thank you very much .


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