Lesson 10 Market Profile Part 1, Day Trading Fearless Video Course


Learn To Trade The S&P 500 Emini Futures Trading Video Course will teach you how to
day trade the futures market and teach you over 15 different trading strategies.
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  1. if nvpoc touch in over night session or pre mkt,it does not count they are still naked vpoc until they touch in regular trading hours is this correct? thank you

  2. do naked vpoc's work on gold futures markets as well? and does the regular trading hours is when it needs to touch it? ON sessions does not count correct?

  3. Volume profile is a great concept. However volume profile in TOS is not in details or feature rich. I would prefer sierra or ninja on this.

  4. why is tpo profile and volume profile in the same levels in TOS? i tried using both and they seem to be the exact thing.?? great video thanks!


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